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Dmitri Pushkarev

I'm Dima, a passionate product designer.

Although I created my first website when I was 12 years old, my real adventure with design began much later. After completing studies in business psychology at the university, I found myself immersed in the world of marketing.  While it was a valuable experience, I couldn't shake off the feeling that my true calling lay elsewhere – in design. So, I took the plunge. Three years ago, I officially stepped into the realm of web design, and later, I ventured into the exciting world of product design.. Since then, I've had the privilege to collaborate on diverse interfaces across various industries.

My goal is to be among the best product designers out there. I'm driven by a desire to create digital products that not only look good but also make people's lives better. Every pixel I craft is a step toward that vision.

Let's build something incredible together! 💡

I can help you with...






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