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Ad Monetization Dashboard Redesign


Ad Monetization Dashboard Redesign






Product Designer


Web app


Snigel is an advertising technology, native video, and header bidding company that helps publishers grow their ad revenue. The company aimed to enhance the visual aspect of the dashboard used by ad publishers, along with enhancing their overall user experience.  The project entails a comprehensive redesign of the dashboard utilized by publishers to monetize their websites through advertisements. The existing dashboard faced issues such as outdated visuals, convoluted information hierarchy and an inefficient layout for presenting significant data volumes for analytics.


Improve overall usability and satisfaction for publishers using the dashboard by simplifying the information hierarchy to ensure clarity and ease of understanding. Redesign the interface to be more user-friendly, intuitive, and conducive to efficient navigation.


Streamline information presentation while retaining essential data and functionalities, and achieve consistency in design elements and user interface across different dashboard sections. Ensure the redesigned dashboard is embraced by publishers and effectively meets their needs and expectations.



The design process began with a thorough UX audit, identifying usability issues, and gathering feedback. I crafted high-fidelity UI designs, focusing on improved information presentation and intuitive navigation. Responsive versions were designed for web and mobile platforms, ensuring consistent user experience across devices.



We focused on streamlining the interface, optimizing data visualization techniques, and refining the information architecture to ensure intuitive navigation. By addressing the identified pain points and implementing user-centric design principles, the new dashboard provides clarity, accessibility, and efficiency in managing ad monetization strategies. The client can now better serve their publishers, fostering stronger relationships and driving business growth in the competitive online advertising landscape.



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Empowering users with insights, the Reports page provides a comprehensive overview of electricity consumption patterns. Through visualizations and actionable data, users gain valuable insights into their energy usage, fostering informed decision-making and promoting sustainable living practices.


The Automation Page is where the magic of smart living truly unfolds. Here, users are empowered to create personalized automation routines tailored to their unique preferences and schedules. Through a simple yet powerful interface, users can define triggers, actions, and conditions to automate various aspects of their home environment.



This project underscored the essence of user-centric design, emphasizing the pivotal role of understanding user needs through thorough research and feedback analysis. Ensuring responsiveness across devices highlighted the importance of adaptability in modern design practices. Moving forward, a commitment to user-centricity and adaptability will remain at the forefront of my design approach, driving the creation of impactful solutions in future projects.

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