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MeasureMate: Redefining Precision and Ease in Object Measurement


MeasureMate: Redefining Precision and Ease in Object Measurement






UX/ UI Designer


Mobile app


MeasureMate is an innovative mobile application that uses augmented reality (AR) technology to accurately measure physical objects. The primary objective was to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface that would empower individuals in various fields, to measure objects accurately without the need for traditional measuring tools.


Research algorithms and AR technology for precise measurements, instill user confidence in their accuracy, and implement visual indicators and feedback mechanisms to reinforce this trust. Maintain a minimalist UI while integrating clear depth cues for intuitive object positioning. Simplify the process of adjusting heating and other smart devices to enhance user convenience and satisfaction.


Most users consider measurements using the application inaccurate and prefer physical measurement tools over any measurement apps. Finding the right balance between simplicity and advanced features without overwhelming users is challenging. Additionally, designing clear visual cues and depth indicators to effectively guide users remains a significant issue.



The process begins with discovery, involving thorough research methods such as desk research, competitive analysis, and surveys to understand user needs and challenges. In the definition stage, personas, empathy maps, and problem statements are crafted to establish clear goals and objectives. Ideation follows, focusing on user journey mapping and flow creation to visualize the user experience. Finally, in the design stage, wireframing and visual concept exploration are conducted to develop the app's structure and design, ensuring simplicity and accuracy in measurement tasks while effectively integrating AR technology. Throughout the process, concepts are refined based on personal insights and alignment with project objectives.


Desk research

Competitive analysis

The 5Ws





Empathy map

Problem statement

Goal Statement


User Journey Map

User Flow



Visual Concept

Some of the methods used:

See detailed case study on Behance



Through precision-enhancing algorithms and intuitive AR technology, MeasureMate ensures unparalleled accuracy, overcoming user skepticism. Confidence-building features, such as real-time feedback and clear visual indicators, instill trust in digital measurements. A streamlined interface with natural gesture controls and customizable options provides a seamless user experience. In-app tutorials empower users to maximize the app's capabilities, while community-driven feedback ensures continuous improvement. MeasureMate emerges as the ultimate solution, seamlessly blending precision and ease-of-use for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Onboarding 1-2 Steps

The screens with video then explain what you need to do to measure correctly (with good and bad examples of use) and what steps you need to take. These explanations are presented in the form of user-friendly message boxes, maintaining a friendly tone of communication. This approach is adopted because users often encounter confusion when engaging with a relatively new and unexplored feature of measuring with their phones.

Onboarding 3 step

In this step, the user is prompted to measure a virtual 3d object using AR technology with an explanation of the steps.
This solution is a test and ambiguous. On the one hand it would greatly help the user to better understand how the application works, on the other hand maybe not everyone would want to go through this step and this solution would be difficult to implement.

Measure screens

Upon opening the app, it starts searching for surfaces and provides helpful tips as the user scans. Once scanning is done, the user can begin taking measurements. The main screen is designed to be minimalistic, featuring options for photo measurement, setting points, and selecting tools, all aimed at ensuring clarity and ease of use for the user.

MeasureMate: Precision at Your Fingertips, Confidence in Every Measurement ⚡



Through extensive research and iterative ideation, I've crafted intuitive user interfaces and integrated AR technology for precise measurements. I've discovered the importance of balancing simplicity with advanced features to meet user needs without overwhelming them. Additionally, refining algorithms and visual indicators has been crucial in instilling user confidence in measurement accuracy. Overall, I've learned the value of thorough research, iterative design, and user-centered approaches in creating successful mobile applications.

Additional screens

The user can copy measurement results as well as batch photo and video measurements by creating special folders, making it easy to remember and store dimensions.

I decided to show information about the paid subscription only after the first measurement or save size, since most users in the appstore are not happy with purchase offers without a test of the app.

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